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Player Ticket: £70 (Includes Gun Hire and Partial Catering)

Crew Ticket: Free (and Full Catering)


Giants Seat Scout Camp

Mostly Camping, Some Bunk Space Available

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Event 12 Rumours

Several factions have reported attacks by groups of masked fighters. The masks are a mid-grey and completely conceal the features. It isn't clear if the attacks had any goal other than murder and mayhem. Nothing was stolen and no significant property damage was recorded. Initial reports that casualties were high have been proven wrong, largely because the attacks were on faction bases so they had resources aplenty to heal people taken down in the fighting, but a significant number of injuries were caused. All efforts to identify the attackers or establish an ideology have failed. Bounties have been posted for information, with the Bars matching any bounty posted by a faction one for one.

It took some time for news to filter south but Elias appears to have scored a major win, with a bar in the far north of the Zone utterly destroyed by an explosive device. It's unclear if there were any survivors among the bar staff but there 5 dead, alongside 19 dead freelancers. There are no known survivors of the attack, which was reported by a High Roller going to the bar to trade.

Whilst nothing has yet been posted in any bars, there are vague rumours someone is willing to pay a high price for the head of Jason The Liver Thief. It is unclear who this is or what they look like, but descriptions suggest a grim-looking ex-soldier with multiple scars and a haunted stare.

Event 12 After Action Report

The weekend just past appears to have been marked by an unprecedented escalation in violence.

Around 50-60 bandits were found clustered around what appears to have been some kind of meeting spot. They all had significant combat injuries and had then been shot in the head execution style. Some trackers are reporting that maybe 3 or 4 people managed to crawl out of the area and treat their injuries. It is unclear what the massacre was about but the common theory is that someone tried to track down Elias or the Cleaners and things got out of hand.

A similar slaughter of military personnel happened at some ruined farm buildings near the military cordon. Again, reports are very unclear as to what happened here, only that there were around 30 military bodies all shot execution style. Trackers in the area did not stay long though, an armoured unit rolled into the area quite soon after and the locals made themselves scarce. No-one had enough time to establish what was going on there, but all evidence indicates an intense gunfight. The rattled state of the troops in the armoured unit suggest someone got away with something they weren't supposed to.

A third massacre happened at what seemed to be the surface access point to an underground corporate facility. From a distance there seemed to be the same execution style deaths, residue from smoke weapons and significant damage to the buildings. Anyone who tried to get close to look further (and any looters…) found themselves waking up some distance away, thoroughly confused. When they went back the bodies were gone, along with any visible damage to the buildings. No-one dared to get close after that.

Three agents of Elias were captured at various bars as newly-installed security measures exposed them before they could carry out their plots. All three were interrogated by people present at the time, but no-one is sharing any information. The various bounties open on Elias have increased considerably. All three agents are now believed to be dead.

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